Walking up to Kelman Hut. Photo: Jamie Robertson When a Sport Climber Goes Mountaineering – Ben hits up a TMC in New Zealand 31 January, 2017 - The following article is by Ben Alsop, one of the staffers at Mountain Equipment. He has been rock climbing for many years but this was his first introduction to the alpine world and he particularly wanted some alpine experience before … Continue reading
gli_hms_crossload_hms_anchoring_biners Understanding Carabiners / Karabiners 19 December, 2016 - For the purpose of this article: Carabiner = Karabiner. Same same not different. It is intended for beginner and intermediate climbers who want to know more about the finer points of biners. When entering the world of climbing it can … Continue reading
The Edelrid MegaJul Gear testing – the Edelrid MegaJul 9 September, 2016 - The Edelrid Mega Jul is perhaps the most versatile belay device going around if you have the dedication to learn how to use it. That sums up my thoughts on the Mega Jul! I originally got an Edelrid Mega Jul … Continue reading
La Sportiva Asymmetry Chart Understanding Rock Shoes – Shape and Structure 31 August, 2016 - As I start writing this, I almost feel like a large part of this article is utterly useless. Anyone who has climbed in more than 3 different models of shoes will know that when it comes to rock shoes; what rock … Continue reading
Rad Dad Mike Libecki Reel Rock 2016! 22 August, 2016 - Mountain Equipment is happy to announce the arrival of Reel Rock 2016. Five films cover almost every corner of the globe and everything from bouldering and sport to bigwall and alpine climbing in the arctic circle! Join the rest of … Continue reading
Suunto Spartan Ultra The New Suunto Spartan Ultra! Prepare to be impressed!! 12 August, 2016 - We are fully stoked to be among the first people in Australia to get our hands on the new Suunto Spartan Ultra!!! The pinnacle of GPS multisport and navigational watches with colour sapphire touch screen.   The pinnacle of GPS multisport … Continue reading
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Smart Solar Panel The Latest Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Smart Solar Panel 5 July, 2016 - said – “Goal Zero Finally Made A Solar Panel I Want To Own”   Lightweight solar just got smarter. The popular Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel has been redesigned and engineered to stay at the front of the pack in … Continue reading
The Swift Pro Dru 8.9mm - the worlds first rope to be certified single/half/twin Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm – One Rope – Three Certifications 17 May, 2016 - One rope, three certifications. Who would have thought even 10 years ago that we would be climbing on a single rope 8.9mm in diameter? Edelrid, the inventors of the Kernmantle braided climbing rope have raised the bar again. Not only … Continue reading
Chris Burke and Lakpa Sherpa share the small area on the summit of Annapurna Chris Burke’s Annapurna Summit Push 9 May, 2016 - We at Mountain Equipment (and I am sure the wider climbing community) are immensely proud of what Chris Burke has managed to achieve. Not just obviously with recent events on Annapurna but she has now safely navigated her way to … Continue reading
Suunto_Ambit3 Vertical_Lime Suunto want to give you Cash! 5 May, 2016 -   Suunto are back with Cash! If you have been keeping your eye on a particular Suunto watch of late and need an incentive to get you over the line than they may have just provided it. From now to the … Continue reading