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Bryson Klein

Bryson Klein


Bryson Klein was one of those little primary school kids who would walk up and send your project right in front of you, leaving you feeling a little deflated. From the age of 6 he stuck at it and is now a fixture in the scene. At 15 he was representing Australia at the World Youth Championships as well as sending grade 30. On top of this he’s just a nice guy to boot so if you catch him around the crag or the gym make sure you start up a little conversation and enjoy the good times.


Question Time

1. How old were you when you started climbing, and how did you get started?

I started climbing when I was 6. My dad who got me climbing at a young age started me at the kids club at the local climbing gym.

2. List some of your proudest achievements.

Competing in the World Youth Climbing Championships in Singapore in 2012 and New Caledonia in 2014, winning the 2013 Boulder nationals and climbing Cheese Monster (30) when I was 15.

3. Short and long term climbing goals.

Short term, I am working on doing a one arm chin-up. Long term, I would like to climb a 34 and V12.


4. What climb is your biggest nemesis?

My current project is Attackmode 32.


5. In three words, describe your ideal climb.

Steep, Powerfull, technical!


6. If you could pick any climber in the world to go on a road trip with, who would it be?

Ashima Shiraishi, because I can’t think of anyone more inspiring.


7. If you could pick anywhere in the world as your next climbing trip, where would it be?

Rocklands in South Africa, because it would be endless fun.


8. What do you consider essential for a good day climbing?

A big breakfast and my vegetable juice.


9. What has been your favourite climbing day or the most remarkable/funny thing to happen to you on a climb?

My favourite day out climbing would have to be at Kalbarry in WA. The weather was perfect, climbing up the bright orange rock on the most incredible climbs. Going for a swim in the gorgeous river that wound its way through the canyon, and a spot of psyco bloc in the evening.


10. How many brand stickers do you have on your favourite water bottle/how many hang boards do you have at your home?

My favourite water bottle is more sticker than actual bottle. And I have 4 hang boards scattered around the house.


11. Have you made your own backyard climbing wall?

My dad and I built a whole bouldering room in my garage.