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DMM - Aero Bent Gate Carabiner
Aero Bent Gate Carabiner
Description The DMM Aero carabiner in a bent gate version. Perfect clean nose carabiner for the rope end of your...
DMM - Nylon Quickdraw Sling 16mm X 18cm
Nylon Quickdraw Sling 16mm...
Description The DMM Nylon quickdraw sling is your all round work horse replacement quickdraw sling. Staple enough for sport climbing...
DMM - Rock Climbing Finger Tape
Rock Climbing Finger Tape
Description Climbing Finger Tape quality is mainly about three things: Low Stretch for proper support Super sticky - so it...
DMM - Spectre Oz Tour Carabiner - Ltd Edition
Spectre Oz Tour Carabiner...
Description Limited Edition DMM Oz Tour Carabiner with 50% of proceeds going to Crag Care! DMM Wales made a batch...
Variable Width Sport Climbing...
Description The DMM Variable Width Quick Draw sling is a piece of climbing gear designed towards having that climbing rope-end...
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