From its growth out of Choinard Equipment in 1957, where Yvon Choinard sold his first hand-made pitons out of the back of his car, to its present status—that of a international, leading manafacturer—Black Diamond has stayed at the forefront of technical innovation. From carabiners and hexes to skis and walking poles, they offer unbeatable quality, innovaction and ease of use. Superior equipment and sustainable ethos.
Astro 175 Lumen Headlamp
Description Have you ever been stuck out on the trail way longer than you expected, with night closing in? Benighted...
Spot Lite 200 S21Headlamp
Description Coming in at only 82g with batteries, It is the ideal torch for those pre-dawn or post-dusk ultralight activities....
BLACK DIAMOND - Spot 350 Lumen Headlamp Sale
Spot 350 Lumen Headlamp
Description For midweek dawn patrols, all-night approaches, or just big climbing objectives that push beyond daylight, the Black Diamond Spot...
$55.99 $79.99


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