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Chlorine Dioxide Droplets
Description Kills bacteria, viruses & cysts in water including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Chlorine Dioxide is the safest and most effective...
Katadyn - Micropur Forte Tablets
Micropur Forte Tablets
Description Disinfects water using a combination of Silver ions and Chlorine. Effective treatment of clear water, 1 tablet will treat...
Lifesystems - Dual Action Firestarter Dual Action Firestarter
Dual Action Firestarter
Description  The ultimate fire steel for those who depend on their gear. The Lifesystems Dual Action Fire Starter is the best...
SEA TO SUMMIT - Treated Nano Mosquito Head Net
Treated Nano Mosquito Head...
Description At 11 grams and the smaller than a box of matches, you can't afford to be heading bush without...
GoFreshWater - Go Straw - Water Filter
Go Straw - Water...
Description Ever worried about getting access to clean safe drinking water when travelling? What would happen if your drinking water...
Shewee Extreme
Description Shewee is the urinating device that allows women to urinate without removing clothes whilst standing or sitting. Stand in...
Kinesys - SPF 30 Clear Zinc Cream with 25% Zinc Oxide SPF 30 Clear Zinc Cream with 25% Zinc Oxide
SPF 30 Clear Zinc...
Description Rock climbers, mountaineers, trail runners, hikers, bikers listen up! This is THE Zinc to use! SPF 30 Clear Zinc...
Equip - Rec 2 1st Aid Kit
Rec 2 1st Aid...
Description The Rec 2 kit contains the absolute essentials and will treat a range of common injuries such as abrasions,...
Equip - Rec 1 1st Aid Kit
Rec 1 1st Aid...
Description The Rec 1 first aid kit is the most compact and light weight Equip kit and will effectively treat...
Edelrid - Ropetooth Single Hand Knife
Ropetooth Single Hand Knife...
Description A must for all climbers or mountaineers but also just a great knife for general camping and adventuring. The...


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