Trail Running & Mountain Running Vests, Belts & Hydration Systems
Salomon, Ultimate Direction, Osprey, Camelback, Hydropak, Source and more...
Kitsuma 7
Description When you don’t need to carry much except water and a few essentials, the women’s-specific Kitsuma 7 is an...
Kitsuma 3
Description Not every hike, run or ride calls for a big pack and lots of gear. When you’re looking to...
Osprey - Dyna Handheld Dyna Handheld
Dyna Handheld
Description Without harping on about it too much - sometimes less is more. The Osprey Dyna Handheld with 250ml solo...
Dyna Solo Belt
Description Sometimes when you're trail or road running, all you need is a bit of water, one energy bar, your...
Ultimate Direction
Adventure Vesta 4.0
Description The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 is designed by women who run far for women who run far! With...
Ultimate Direction
Ultra Vesta 4.0
Description We love seeing every new series of running vests from Ultimate Direction! They don't just redesign for the sake...
Dyna 1.5L Womens Hydration...
Description Osprey are really taking on the big guys of trail running with this vest! They've been listening to what trail...
L.U.X.E. Lr 14 3L...
Description Sister to the M.U.L.E. (most widely used hydration system for mountain biking), the L.U.X.E. offers the perfect combination of...


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