Wolf Pack Climbing
Lycan Boars Hair Brush...
Description Because boars hair is just better... 100% BOARS HAIR, WIDE HEAD, STRONGER NECK + FILE!  The preferred brush by...
La Sportiva
Description Snug, sensitive and a sure way to help you stick that foothold that has eluded your grasp.  The La...
La Sportiva
Description Initially designed specifically for indoor climbing, the La Sportiva Python combines sensitivity and precision in the one shoe and...
La Sportiva
Description Proving that La Sportiva has always been streets ahead in rock shoe design... The La Sportiva Solution is a...
Metolius - Super Chalk 425 Grams
Super Chalk 425 Grams...
Description Needs no introduction but I'll give it one anyway!  The chalk to be specifically designed for climbing. They source...
La Sportiva
Miura Lace
Description La Sportiva originally developed the Miura Lace for climbers that demand the highest level of performance from their climbing...
La Sportiva
Miura VS
Description With many of the original characteristics of the Miura lace-up, the La Sportiva Miura VS adds three Velcro straps...
Lowe Alpine
Peak Ascent 42
Description Built for the mountains - the Lowe Alpine Peak Ascent 42 is simple, functional and durable. Perfect for mountaineering...
La Sportiva
TC Pro
Description The La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoe devised for long mountain routes and cracks. Its technical features make this La...
Edelrid - Shark Crampons Shark Crampons Sale
Shark Crampons
Description The Edelrid Shark - An amazingly versatile crampons for all round mountain use! Essentially the Edelrid Shark Crampon can...
$199.95 $339.95
The Agent - Chalk Ball - 35grams Chalk Ball - 35grams
The Agent
Chalk Ball - 35grams...
Description Premium chalk, in a ball. Simple. No mess. No fuss.    Made in Spain from magnesium sourced in Italy,...
La Sportiva
Description The La Sportiva Cobra is back with some revisions. Vibram XS Grip2 rubber and a honed in sole shape...
Black Diamond
Half Dome Helmet
Description An iconic rugged helmet suitable for all rock and alpine climbing pursuits that has now been updated to be...
La Sportiva
Katana Mens
Description The La Sportiva Katana IS the ultimate all-round performance climbing shoe. The La Sportive Katana can be seen on the beginner...
Edelrid - Pure Screw Gate Carabiner
Pure Screw Gate Carabiner...
Description The Edelrid Pure Screw Gate Karabiner is light and perfect for anchoring in the virtical world. The Edelrid forged...
DMM - Shadow Quicklock
Shadow Quicklock
Description The DMM Shadow Quicklock is a versatile auto locking carabiner great for general rock climbing or alpine use. Its...
DMM - Shadow Screwgate Shadow Screwgate
Shadow Screwgate
Description The versatile locking DMM Shadow carabiner is great for general rock climbing or alpine use. The DMM Shadow is a slightly...
Outdoor Research
Splitter Crack Gloves
Description Sick of spending 20 minutes taping up your hands up before a crack climb? Do you bother doing the...
La Sportiva
Description The La Sportiva Tarantulace is an unlined leather climbing shoe, perfect for beginner to immediate climbers looking for a...
Feet Off Gound - 30m Primitive Slackline Kit
Feet Off Gound
30m Primitive Slackline Kit...
Description The perfect slackline to get you started or push yourself a little thanks to the custom 25mm webbing. Compact...
Climb on! - Bar 1oz
Climb on!
Bar 1oz
Description A chemical free formulation to help repair damaged skin. Soothes and moisturises cut, scrapes, split finger tips, blisters, dry...
Axis - Baseline Slackline 15m
Baseline Slackline 15m
Description Whether your after a bit of fun at your local park or setting up some serious high lines, slacklines...
Onsight Photography - Blue Mountains Climbing Guide - 2015 Edition Blue Mountains Climbing Guide - 2015 Edition
Onsight Photography
Blue Mountains Climbing Guide...
Description The most comprehensive guidebook for climbing in the Blue Mountains  to date has just been improved. The guide has...
Books - Canyons Near Sydney - 5th Edition
Canyons Near Sydney -...
Description The Canyons Near Sydney 5th Edition is the ultimate canyoning guide book for the area and gives you all...
La Sportiva
Katana Womens
Description The ultimate La Sportiva "all-round" performance velcro shoe has arrived in a women's specific model. The La Sportive Katana can...
La Sportiva
Miura VS Womens
Description With many of the original charateristics of the La Sportiva Miura lace-up, the Miura VS for women adds three...
Belay Master - Matte...
Description One of the best belay biners out there in super incognito matte black! A carabiner designed specifically to prevent...
La Sportiva
Tarantula Velcro
Description The La Sportiva Tarantula Velcro is a comfortable shoe that is easy to use and easy to get on and...
Metolius - Grip Saver Plus Medium Grip Saver Plus Medium
Grip Saver Plus Medium...
Description The Metolius Grip Saver Plus is an essential piece of kit for any regular climber and is just as helpful...
DMM - Aero HMS Carabiner
Aero HMS Carabiner
Description The DMM Aero HMS Belay biner is one of the best value carabiners you'll come across. Made in Wales...
Pivot Guide Belay Device...
Description Thanks to those Welsh people at DMM the next generation of guide mode climbing belay devices is here. The...
Wild Country - Pro Guide Lite Belay Device Pro Guide Lite Belay Device
Wild Country
Pro Guide Lite Belay...
Description Wild Country's advanced belay tool demonstrates engineering excellence and this remarkably lightweight device has been trimmed of all excess....
Edelrid - Pure Slider Carabiner
Pure Slider Carabiner
Description Edelrid made one of the lightest and most functional locking climbing carabiners you will come across. The Edelrid Pure...
Edelrid - Pure Straight Gate Carabiner
Pure Straight Gate Carabiner...
Description The Edelrid Pure Straight Gate is a robust and versatile solid snap gate carabiner for all your climbing endeavours....
DMM - Rhino Quicklock HMS Biner
Rhino Quicklock HMS Biner...
Description The Rhino is a highly evolved and resiliant creature. DMM have created an easy to use and versatile belay...
Onsight Photography - Rock Climbing Down Under - Australia Exposed Rock Climbing Down Under - Australia Exposed Sale
Onsight Photography
Rock Climbing Down Under...
Description This is THE book to have on the coffee table for any climber! Rock Climbing Down Under: Australia Exposed...
$39.95 $74.95
Rock Rings
Description A simple and portable training device that you can put up anywhere. It comes as two independent units, each...
Sama Harness
Description The SAMA harness is ideal for sport climbing. With its EndoFrame construction, it provides excellent weight distribution around the...
$103.95 $144.95
La Sportiva
Solution - Women's
Description The revolutionary and much-loved La Sportiva Solution now comes in a women's specific fit! The women's La Sportiva Solution...
La Sportiva - Solution Chalk Bag
La Sportiva
Solution Chalk Bag
Description Perhaps you'd buy the La Sportiva Solution Chalk Bag to go with your rock shoes... • Belt included. •...


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