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Filter Mask - Adult



Face masks are becoming an essential piece of life when around other people. Luckily outdoor brands like BUFF can use their technical expertise to make awesome masks that give maximum... Read more

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  • Hi Mountain Equipment, I'm wondering when to replace or how long does the filters last for? Thank you

    Hi Mat

    Here is some questions and answers that is direct from Buff website:

    • Can I use the BUFF® Filter Mask without the filter?

    We recommend always using the filter for maximum performing and filtration efficiency. The filter has a special design to fit in the BUFF® Filter Mask that has been tested and meets the performance requirements of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and breathability of standard EN14683:2019 Medical Face Masks obtaining type I and II classification.

    • How long can I use a filter before it needs to be replaced?

    Filters for BUFF® Filter Mask provide 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency up to 24h use, depending on the intensity of use and environment conditions. For maximum filtration efficiency you should replace them on a daily basis.

    So depending on the use, as long as the time period using the mask covers 24hrs you should be OK to use it for more than just a day up to a week (depending on how long you wear it each time you put it on). If using it over multiple days I would recommend to cut down the 24hr use period to around 18-20 hrs. 
    There is no exact guidelines other than the 24hrs, so take my recommendation as a guide only and change the filter more regularly if you deem it neseccary.  

    Thanks Hannes


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