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Looking for a warm sleeping bag that won't cost an arm and a leg? The Palm Passport could be what you want! This synthetic sleeping bag gives you value-for-money and... Read more

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  • Would this suit a women in temperatures up to -5 degrees Celsius?

    Hello, So the EN13537 temperature rating does put the Palm Passport sleepign bag at -5C meaning as a general rule that is the lower limit of its comfort with the hood totally done up. Of course if you consider yourself a "colder" sleeper you should always be a bit cautious in pushing this limit. The other side of the story though is that the test is ment to mimic a standar mat and only weary one layer of thermals. So if you have a good insulated mat and you wear thermals plus a fleece or puffy jacket or something you can extend bags further so there is a bit of le-way. I hope this helps but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to give us a yell on 02 9264 5888 or email me direct on 


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