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Res Q Link Plus - Self Buoyant



The ACR Res-Q-Link PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is one of the most powerful and important pieces of equipment you will own, and at 130grams and the size of a Clif... Read more

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  • Hi. I noticed in the description it said can penetrate through thick foliage but on closer inspection of the image provided it says (give clear view to sky)? As I’m going hiking in the blue mountains, would this be appropriate in the bush?


    Yes so both are correct. In the best case scenario (if you or a partner can move) always try to find clear view to the sky. This will get the signal out the strongest which will mean it will lock onto the satellite the quickest and with the most accuracy. If you can't move and have to set it off where you are, this has the strongest signal of any locator beacon on the market and it will penetrate thick foliage the best. Saying that, the signal will take longer to lock onto the satellites which is why they ask you to find clear view to the sky. For the Blue Mountains this is the best product to use. 
    I hope that helps but if you need more info please don't hesitate to contact me direct on matt.eaton@mountainequipment.com



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