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The DMM Revolver carabiner is an amazingly functioning piece of kit in rescue situations, wandering routes, roofs, bulges or when run out on a marginal gear placement. At the crag... Read more

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  • What is the efficiency of the pulley?


    So DMM don't provide an efficiency rating for the Revolver carabiner and I don't think they even test it for this. My first response is to suggest that if you are looking at efficiency ratings of pulleys then the revolver is not the product for you. Remember it has no bearings in it so it probably won't compare well to a proper bearing pulley. Think of it maybe more as a carabiner with extremely reduced drag, and as a backup pulley simillar to the PETZL Nylon Pulley wheel - great as an emergancy pulley at a squeeze but not so much if you are purposely setting up a rigging system. 

    Saying this though I have reached out directly to DMM to see if they have any stats on it. I'll post the results here if I here anything useful back. 

    Many thanks, 

    Matt Eaton


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