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Mountain Equipment Affiliations




    The Australian Climbing Association New South Wales is the peak advocacy body for recreational climbing in NSW. They represent the climbing community for access to outdoor spaces, whether they are managed by National Parks, Councils, Aboriginal Land Councils and private land holders. They also promote stewardship or ecology and culture among its members, educating the fast growing NSW climbing community.
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  • Sticky Rubber Resoles

    Sticky Rubber Resoles

    Sticky Rubber Resoles is a Sydney based climbing shoe resoler that raises the bar on what to expect from your climbing shoes. Their quality of work is second to none and they pride themselves to restoring your worn out climbing shoes to "as new" performance condition. They are able to also do repairs and adjustments even on technical "no-edge" and split style patch soles and rands.
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  • Lucas Corroto Media

    Lucas Corroto Media

    Lucas Corroto of Corroto Media is a local film producer who loves capturing local climbers stories. He really focuses on short film production and invests deeply in the story of his subjects. Lucas has had his films in Goat Fest among others and is well known and loved buy Sydney, Blue Mountains and Nowra climbers. 
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  • Ben Sanford Media

    Ben Sanford Media

    Ben Sanford is one of the Blue Mountains best up and coming photographers capturing stunning shots of climbing, alpine, mountaineering, canyoning and other outdoor adventures.
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  • Kamil Sustiak Photography

    Kamil Sustiak Photography

    Kamil Sustiak is a climber and adventure based photographer based in the Blue Mountains. He has jumped in the rabbit hole that is “freelance photography” with great passion and a great eye for showcasing the adventure of humanity in nature. He is very well connected not only in the climbing community but also amongst slackliners, BASE jumpers, trail runners and adventurers.
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  • Blue Mountains Climbing School

    Blue Mountains Climbing School

    The Blue Mountains Climbing School is owned and operated by the best local Blue Mountains guides. They pride themselves in running quality courses in climbing, abseiling, corporate training, bushwalking and more.
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  • Crag Care

    Crag Care

    Crag care is an initiative by Blue Mountains climbers. Climbers maintaining, protecting and enhancing our local climbing areas with the local community, council, government agencies and businesses.
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  • Himalayan Ascent

    Himalayan Ascent

    Himalayan Ascent is a local company catering for small groups of climbers and trekkers in the Himalayan region, It is run by adventurers for adventurers with international standard service.
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  • Nick Fletcher Photography

    Nick Fletcher Photography

    Nick Fletcher is a photographer based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Nicks main focus is on action sports covering primarily climbing and surfing.He also shoots sea scapes and environmental portraits.
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  • Chris Firth

    Chris Firth

    Chris is a climber and photographer based in Sydney. He specializes in climbing photography, as well as, nature and landscape portraits.
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  • Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym (SICG)

    Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym (SICG)

    SICG is Australia's biggest climbing centre with two gyms in Sydney, one at St.Peters and the other at Villawood. The two gyms have a combined area of 5200sqm of climbing walls along with 300sqm of bouldering.
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  • Sydney Rockies

    Sydney Rockies

    The Sydney Rockclimbing Club) has been around for over 60 years. They run regular climbing club trips, organise crag clean up days and are actively involved in keeping access on public land open to climbing.
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