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Care for your Technical Outdoor & Climbing Products - Mountain Equipment

  • How To Find & Repair A Puncture In Your Camp Mat

    Lightweight camp mats for hiking, trekking, travel and mountaineering can get punctured - but don't lose hope! They're easily repaired. This instructional Video by Mountain Equipment staff member Grace shows...
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  • Caring For Your Lightweight Tent

     Modern lightweight tents are awesome! The fact that you can carry a shelter as little as 1kg on your back that will not only let two people sleep in it,...
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  • Down Sleeping Bags and Garments

      Down products, whether they are garments or sleeping bags, have the same embargo on dry cleaning as WaterProof/Breathable products. Dry cleaning strips the all-important oils from the down and...
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  • Clothing

      Gear and clothing for the outdoors is, generally speaking, hardy and tough; but that doesn't mean it doesn't need special care and sometimes a bit of TLC. You've gone...
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  • Climbing Rope

      Your climbing or abseiling rope is one of your few pieces of gear that is non-redundant. There is no backup. Therefore it is important to pay it special attention...
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