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Acti-Bliss - Acti-Bliss Blister Prevention Wool
Acti-Bliss Blister Prevention Wool...
Description 100% Lanolin rich Australian Wool. 100% comfort for your feet! Use Acti-Bliss Wool for the prevention of blisters and...
Equip - Pro 1 First Aid Kit
Pro 1 First Aid...
Description The Pro 1 is a serious first aid kit. It is compact, versatile and filled with vital equipment. This...
Equip - Rec 1 First Aid Kit
Rec 1 First Aid...
Description The Rec 1 first aid kit is the most compact and light weight Equip kit and will effectively treat...
Equip - Rec 2 First Aid Kit
Rec 2 First Aid...
Description The Rec 2 kit contains the absolute essentials and will treat a range of common injuries such as abrasions,...
Equip - Rec 3 First Aid Kit
Rec 3 First Aid...
Description An extensive and essential first aid kit if you're away from help for multiple days, at the crag, in...
ACR - Res Q Link Res Q Link
Res Q Link
Description The ACR Res-Q-Link is one of the most powerful and important pieces of equipment you will own, and at...
ACR - Res Q Link Plus - Self Buoyant Res Q Link Plus - Self Buoyant
Res Q Link Plus...
Description *The ResQLink Plus is self buoyant without the need for the neoprene pouch. Perfect for water based activities like...
Lifesystems - Survival Bag
Survival Bag
Description A strong and lightweight bag which is designed to reduce the loss of vital body heat and reducing the...
Lifesystems - Survival Whistle
Survival Whistle
Description The world's most powerful whistle, made from a toughened plastic material, the Survival Whistle is an essential part of...
Lifesystems - Thermal Blanket
Thermal Blanket
Description A must for any trip be it for the day in the bush, a canyon, multiday mountain trip or...
Windproof Matches
Description A simple but essential piece of kit for the outdoors. These matches will light in all weather conditions. Pack...
Lifesystems - Chlorine Dioxide Droplets
Chlorine Dioxide Droplets
Description Kills bacteria, viruses & cysts in water including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Chlorine Dioxide is the safest and most effective...
Bushmans - Insect Repellant Gel - 80% DEET
Insect Repellant Gel -...
Description Non-greasy, neutrally scented bug repellent with 80% DEET for protection over 15 hours. Features: Mosquitoes, March Flies, Sandflies, Ticks,...
Bushmans - Insect Repellant Gel with Sunscreen
Insect Repellant Gel with...
Description Non-greasy, neutrally scented bug repellent with 80% DEET and sunscreen for protection over 12 hours. Features: Mosquitoes, March Flies,...
Lifesystems - Light Sticks
Light Sticks
Description Designed as emergency signalling devices. Each light stick lasts for up to 12 hours. Comes in green and orange...
Lifesystems - Mountain Whistle
Mountain Whistle
Description A whistle is recommended as an essential item for people in the outdoors. This is a tough, lightweight aluminium...
SheeWee Extreme
Description Shewee is the urinating device that allows women to urinate without removing clothes whilst standing or sitting. Stand in...
MSR - TrailShot Pocket Water Filter TrailShot Pocket Water Filter
TrailShot Pocket Water Filter...
Description The MSR TrailShot Mocrofilter is a serious contender to the lightweight category of water filtration. This is one for...
GoFresh Water - Go-Straw
GoFresh Water
Description Ever worried about getting access to clean safe drinking water when travelling? What would happen if your drinking water...
Katadyn - Gravity Camp 6L Gravity Camp 6L
Gravity Camp 6L
Description The Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 Liter is sleek and foldable filter system that uses gravity, not your arm, to...
Katadyn - Micropur Forte Tablets
Micropur Forte Tablets
Description Disinfects water using a combination of Silver ions and Chlorine. Effective treatment of clear water, 1 tablet will treat...
MSR - Miniworks Ex Microfilter
Miniworks Ex Microfilter
Description A reliable and field-maintainable filter suited to long walks and extended expeditions. Uses a durable ceramic element that can...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Adventurer
SteriPEN Adventurer
Description With an optical water sensor, that doubles as an LED light for night time water top ups, the Steripen...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Aqua
SteriPEN Aqua
Description Traveling to locations with questionable water quality? Concerned about water safety in times of disasters or boil water advisories?...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Classic with Pre-Filter
SteriPEN Classic with Pre-Filter...
Description A quick and effective way to sterilize water while enjoying the outdoors or travelling. The Classic comes with a...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Ultra (USB re-chargable)
SteriPEN Ultra (USB re-chargable)...
Description The Ultra features an integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery and an OLED display indicating treatment and battery life. It...
Katadyn - Vario Microfilter
Vario Microfilter
Description The Katadyn Vario Microfilter is an industry standard multi-stage water filtration system that can be adjusted for longer cartridge life...
SteriPEN - SteriPEN Pure+ SteriPEN Pure+
SteriPEN Pure+
Description Small, lightweight, and full featured; PURE+™ is perfect UV water purifier for anyone traveling abroad or for local day walks....
SteriPEN - SteriPEN PreFilter SteriPEN PreFilter
SteriPEN PreFilter
Description For a SteriPEN to work, the light needs to be able to get to all of the water particles....


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