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How To Find & Repair A Puncture In Your Camp Mat

Camp mat repair

Lightweight camp mats for hiking, trekking, travel and mountaineering can get punctured - but don't lose hope! They're easily repaired. This instructional Video by Mountain Equipment staff member Grace shows you how to firstly find the puncture and then how to repair it. This advice is the same across many brands of lightweight camp mats including EXPED, Therm-A-Rest, Sea To Summit and many more.


Here are the main points covered in this video:

  1. Clean and check valves - Don't forget that 90% of slow leaks just come from a dirty valve where the dust is not letting it seal properly
  2. Identify if you have a puncture
  3. How to find a pin prick puncture and mark it
  4. How to use the patch and glue to repair the hole


We hope this helps you enjoy camping and the outdoors even more and gets you ready for another adventure!