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Mountain Equipment Outdoor & Rock Climbing Community


  • Reel Rock Film Tour

    Reel Rock Film Tour

    The Reel Rock Film Tour is one of the most exciting times of the year for us at Mountain Equipment. We climbers can be quite solitary creatures and you only...
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  • Sponsored Athletes

    Sponsored Athletes

    We’ve been dedicated to supporting both “up and comers” as well as top end established climbers since the early 1990’s. Past Mountain Equipment alumni athletes include the likes of Saxon...
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  • Sydney Rockclimbing Club

    Sydney Rockclimbing Club

    Sydney Rockclimbing Club a.k.a. Sydney Rockies, is an extremely important part of the local Sydney and Blue Mountains Climbing Community. They have been instrumental in helping many people learn how...
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  • Blue Mountains Climbing School

    Blue Mountains Climbing School

    Mountain Equipment is very proud to recommend the Blue Mountains Climbing School (BMCS) to anyone wanting to learn more about climbing outdoors, rescue and rigging, as well as people wanting...
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  • Sydney and NSW Climbing Competitions

    Sydney and NSW Climbing Competitions

    Mountain Equipment is proud to be major sponsors of the local Sydney and NSW climbing competition scene. In more recent years we, like most people, have noticed that the trend...
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