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DMM for Breast Cancer Research

DMM and the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October is the Nation Breast Cancer Foundation's "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", and the job of both the foundation, and the October campaign is to raise awareness and money for much needed breast cancer research. The NBCF seeks out the most effective research and helps fund it for the goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. Through a personal connection a couple years back, DMM Climbing got involved with the campaign. Originally they produced a couple of industrial devices in pink to raise some awareness amongst high access workers. This year they have stepped up their support and efforts and have released a range of recreational climbing hardware to not only raise awareness but also money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

DMM Breast Cancer Awareness climbing hardware - Pivot Belay Device-Aero Quickdraw-Aero HMS Belay Carabiner

DMM's special October release sees the DMM Pivot belay device, Aero HMS Belay carabiner and Aero Quickdraw in bright pink with commemorative "National Breast Cancer" etching on each item. These are the most used items on anyones climbing harness and will be put to good use both on the wall and to raise money. Mountain Equipment and DMM will donate $2 from every item sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 


Together we can beat breast cancer! Support the cause! Grab some new limited edition pink bling climbing hardware and get the word out there!


View the limited edition DMM range click HERE

To find out more about the National Breast Cancer Foundation Click HERE

DMM National breast cancer awareness official marketing