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Functions of the New BetaStick EVO Climbing Clip Stick

Beta Stick EVO - Beta Climbing Designs

The new BetaStick Evo is in stock from Beta Climbing Designs and it's a great improvement to what was already a good product. The stick clip already handled well in its first iteration however with the new Evo model we were intrigued as to how they added the functions of removing a quickdraw from the wall remotely. As the cliche Blue Mountains climb begins with a bouldery undercut start on crap rock, this could be particularly important to us. 

Here's a quick rundown of instructional videos from Beta Climbing Designs on the functionality of the BetaStick Evo. We will be carrying it in the ultra compact length and the Super Standard. 

See Product: BetaStick Evo Ultra Compact

See Product: BetaStick Evo Super Standard



Remotely Clipping a Quickdraw


Lasso Clipping a Quickdraw


Retrieving your Rope


Removing a Quickdraw Remotely