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Further News on Closed Climbing Areas in the Grampians

Parks Victoria have released a map that details the areas that are now closed to climbing in the Grampians. It centres around the Northern Victoria Range and Red Rock areas and includes some very long established climbing crags like The Gallery which is quite surprising to a lot of us. Currently the Victorian Climbing Club (VCC) are trying to clarify the details given further, but it appears climbing is now banned in the following areas: 

  • The Gallery
  • Gondwanaland
  • Millenium
  • Billywing Buttress
  • Billimina Area
  • Little Hands Cave
  • Cave of Man Hands
  • Manja Area


The VCC have asked that while they are in negotiations with Parks Victoria that everyone abide fully by the bans and general park rules. So as to not jeopardise any talks or worsen the situation. Parks Victoria could certainly extend the bans if they feel the current ones are not either being adhered to or going far enough. As climbers we need to do everything in our power so as this doesn't need to happen. 

Grampians closed climbing areas