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Just Released - Juncture Climbing Chalk

Juncture Liquid Climbing Chalk

We're excited to announce a new product and new brand in the form of Juncture Liquid Climbing Chalk. We did our research into Juncture Climbing and were impressed, then tested out their product and have to say the staff loved it - boulderers and sport climbers alike. 

Juncture Climbing is an American company totally dedicated to making liquid climbing chalk. They literally have one product and a couple of promo t-shirts. However coming from a chemistry and OTC medications aground, a group of climbers realised they could do a better job than what was currently on the market. The result is a product that uses pure magnesium carbonate with no fillers added. Despite being this simple, they have nailed the cream texture. They claim it is the highest friction and longest lasting liquid climbing chalk available. We've given it a good test out and have to say they're on the money. They've already picked up top gun climbers like U.S. National Lead Champion Kai Lightner. 

Juncture liquid climbing chalk in boulder bucket small banner

Like all liquid climbing chalk you can use this on its own or as a base layer for your favourite powder chalk on long boulders or sport routes. If you need that little marginal gain to help send your project in the gym or at the crag - you should give this product a go. After a thorough testing both in the gym and at the boulder and sport crags over the last hot summer we love it!


For more information and to view the product click HERE