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Let's Keep the Psych! Let's Keep Our Dreams Alive! Where's your Happy Place?

Mountain Equipment Australia - Our Happy Place - Keep the psych

So when we started this little movie concept with Lucas Corroto , the idea was just to show all the awesome adventures you can have within a day trip of Sydney city. Whether that's bouldering in the climbing gym, rock climbing or canyoning out in the Blue Mountains, hiking, trail running, slacklining, camping or whatever. It was just meant to highlight where our “happy place” was, where we want to be on the weekends or our days off work. That was before shit hit the fan… Within a couple of weeks COVID-19 had completely transformed our way of life.


Now in its own little way this movie has become so much more given our current situation. Our whole community is built on the outdoors and the fact that it’s where we’d rather be - climbing, hiking, trail running, biking, canyoning, slacklining etc. Now it’s pretty much all shut down or extremely restricted and we don’t really know for how long. As part of the greater community we all have a responsibility to do the right thing, social distance and not do anything that could end in using up a hospital bed unnecessarily.

So how do we keep the stoke? How do we keep the psych? Let’s share #ourhappyplace !

Where do you love to be?

Stuck in a cold canyon?

Exposed on a Grose Valley multi pitch?

20km into a trail run?


Let’s share it and keep our community sane and stoked 👍

Movie: @lucas.corroto