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Mountains Crusher Luke Hansen Joins Mountain Equipment as Store Ambassador

Luke Hansen - Blue Mountains Climber - Mountain Equipment Athlete

Mountain Equipment is super proud to have local Blue Mountains crusher Luke Hansen come on board as a store ambassador! Luke's psych for climbing is completely infectious and he is one of those people who just makes you climb that little bit harder when he's around - "go for that dead point when you know you'll fall" kind of psych. At just 23 Luke Hansen has ticked over 60 routes graded 8a or harder and he's got a project list as long as your arm so there's plenty of go in him yet. He comes on board with Mountain Equipment as well as being sponsored by Petzl Australia. 

If you haven't checked it out yet make sure you jump on the BaffleDays Podcast where Luke sat down with Tom O'Halloran for an awesome episode about sport climbing, climbing travel and local enthusiasm. 

BaffleDays with Luke Hansen - Click HERE


Question Time 


1. How old were you when you started climbing, and how did you get started?
I started climbing when I was 15 after discovering the local Leura climbing gym. From that point I was hooked.
2. List some of your proudest achievements.
Onsighting the Adam Ondra Classic ‘Bernstanbenden’ (8a/29) in Flatanger, Norway. It’s a 50 metre monster and I was on the route for 45 minutes!
3. Short and long term climbing goals.
Short Term: Ticking off my Blue Mountains fridge ticklist!
Long Term: I would love to climb 9a and spend more time climbing abroad.
4. What climb is your biggest nemesis?
Tiger Cat (33/8c) at Elphinstone in the Blue Mountains: I’ve fallen off the second last move 15 times now!
5. In three words, describe your ideal climb.
Technical, Engaging, Historical.
6. If you could pick any climber in the world to go on a road trip with, who would it be?
Adam Ondra! Would love to spend some time picking his brain about all things climbing.
7. If you could pick anywhere in the world as your next climbing trip, where would it be?
I would love to go back to Norway, or the Red River Gorge!
8. What do you consider to be a good day climbing?
Crisp weather, good mates and hard moves!
9. What has been your favourite climbing day or the most remarkable/funny thing to happen to you on a climb?
I think everyday climbing in Ceuse was the best! A big sleep in, late breakfast and coffee, and climbing on some of the best rock until sunset with not a worry in the world!
10. How many brand stickers do you have on your favourite water bottle/how many hang boards do you have at your home?
I have 25 stickers on my coffee thermos for extra psyche.
11. Have you made your own backyard climbing wall?
I used to have one at my parents house, but now I live above Centennial Glen in Blackheath, which is a pretty good backyard wall ;)



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