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Not to harp-on about it too much, but a little clip of the Tommy on the Dawn Wall

 What started as story a only climbers were interested about 6 years ago has seemed to grow into a tale bigger than the climb itself. This officially became the case when President Obama weighed in on the conversation. I myself was removed from the whole climax of media frenzy because I was off on my own climbing trip. When I got back to civilisation (.ie., connected to the internet) and realised Tommy and Kevin were sending the same time as I was sending, I felt all warm and fuzzy like we were three good mates and should all be giving each other fist bumps. Like the time I was falling off my project 15 m to the right of where Chris Sharma was falling off his project. As we hung from the ends of our ropes shaking out our arms I felt we were connected in a special way and kept dreaming that he would look over at me and say something cool like "Hey man, hows your proj going? Want to come back to mine after this for a beer?". He never did. So I just talked to his dog instead. Minor details like I was on a soft 7B while he was on a 9B don't mean much.

 Anyway, I'm sure BigUp Productions will no doubt be spruiking a lot of footage at the next ReelRock but in the mean time enjoy this little clip of Tommy sending one of the crux pitches, pitch 15.