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Please Sign the Petition to Save Grampians Climbing

Save Grampians Climbing

As most of you will know, a large portion of climbing in the Grampians/Gariwerd National Park is under threat with Parks Victoria carrying out mass bans on climbing with no consultation with the climbing community. Also the communication has been extremely limited and difficult to understand or interpret. 

We would ask that you take a minute to sign this petition to be presented to politicians and Parks Victoria management and urge that climbers be involved in this process and preserve the Grampians National park for the enjoyment of all people. 



We at Mountain Equipment believe in a few things:

1. The best way to help someone genuinely appreciate and care for an environment is for them to experience it for themselves.
2. Climbers can not only co-exist with PV protecting the environment and Indigenous heritage sites, we as climbers can be a positive force and the best advocators for both of those things!


We believe that by shutting climbers out of the Grampians/Gariwerd Nation Park you are shutting out the people who are most passionate about it. We admit all climbers have not been perfect and we have to wake up and acknowledge the negative impacts we have caused. But make people fall in love with the unique natural environment, make people fall in love with the ancient Indigenous heritage - and you will create the Grampians most passionate people for positive change!


Shutting people out won't achieve any of this.  


Visit Save the Grampians Climbing page at HERE