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REEL ROCK 12 Film Festival Sydney and Blue Mountains Shows Announced

REEL ROCK 12 2017

REEL ROCK is rolling around for 2017 and it's a case of celebrating the old and the new. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to call Chris Sharma old...? But he's back! After a few years hiatus getting married, having a kid, building a gym, staring in blockbuster films etc. he's back for Reel Rock in a ripper piece blending what he does best - climbing hard and having an awesome lifestyle. 

REEL ROCK 12 Chris Sharma

The next noteworthy piece is the story of Margo Hayes. A year ago I hadn't really even heard of her, she was among all the usual names in the comps but nothing that crazy - then at 19 she absolutely crushes Sharma's test piece 'La Rambla' and everyone started to watch. Since then she has even gone one grade better with a recent send of 'Biography' at 9a+. She has proven gender has no influence on sport climbing, climbing as hard or harder than the likes of Megos, Sharma and Ondra at her age. It features some awesome footage and great story.

REEL ROCK 12 Margo Hayes

Following on from the headliners there is a couple of films introducing us to some lesser known crushers. Brad Gobright is a name worth keeping an eye out for with the list of his bold free solos growing. This will be a little refreshing with the first couple of films seemingly being devoted to hard (safe :) sport climbing. 

REEL ROCK 12 Brad Gobright Safety Third

Also been announced is a film on Maureen Beck. Keeping in the tradition of climbers being quite un-politically correct, the film is called "Stumped" as Maureen climbs with one arm. We'll just have to wait and see if they take that joke further or not. 

REEL ROCK 12 Maureen Beck - Stumped 

With more films to be announced and a trailer to be released, it is shaping up to be another awesome year for REEL ROCK. Make sure you brush your hair and join the climbing community for an awesome night out! Sydney shows have been announced at Roseville and Chauvel Cinemas as well as a Blue Mountains showing at Mount Vic Flicks. Tickets always sell out fast so make sure you get in quick. 

Tickets available here