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Rodellar Climbing Trip - Blackheath crew redefine PUMPED - Video Series

Rodellar Climbing Trip - Luke Hansen - by Kerrin Gale

Rodellar, a steep limestone paradise. Often referred to as the Land of the Lactic, Rodellar was once the epicentre for pumpy, gymnastic climbing on overhanging tufas, with the classic routes having cues 10 people deep, but has since dropped off the international radar. A perfect time to pay this Spanish paradise a visit.

Rodellar was thrown around as a potential trip destination at the beginning of 2019. Before long, flights were booked, training plans were written, and psyche was high. Fast forward to November, and a solid crew from Blackheath found themselves with necks craned, standing in absolute awe at the sheer steepness Rodellar has to offer. The first few routes were a rude shock to the system, and shaking off jet lag whilst adjusting to the physical nature of over hanging tufa climbing took its toll. But before long, we found our groove. We were treated to amazing dry weather (albeit slightly hot), and days out were long. Projects were discovered, knee bars were found, and term ‘PUMPED’ was redefined.

With hardly any other climbers around, we were treated to jumping on any route that stood out as a classic, and Rodellar has a LOT to go at. Although renowned for its tufa climbing, the variety is amazing: From Steep, to just off vertical, with every hold type under the sun, Rodellar has it all. Rest days are spent floating in crystal blue waters, hiking around the abundance of canyon systems, or washing down some ‘Patatas bravas’ with a cerveza or two.

Before long, we were in the last few days of our 5 week trip, and the stress of last minute projects was reaching its peak. Fuelled by Prince biscuits, we tried to add as many last minute classics to to our tick lists, all the while planning a return trip back, sooner rather than later Rodellar, add it to your trip list!!


The following is a five part mini (micro) series by local legend _rumblr_ and presented by La Sportiva which certainly highlights what was a climbing trip to never forget. Sit back and enjoy...

- Luke Hansen



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