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Shay makes first female ascent of Combat Wombat V11

 Mountain Equipment is super proud of our Sydney store manager Shay for making an ascent of one of the local test pieces Combat Wombat (v11) at Sunny Side. So far the consensus is that this is the first female ascent, but we're happy to open up the floor to anyone else who wants to lay claim to it (

 This is Shay's first v11 after climbing 3 v10s, and she is soon heading back down to the Grampians to see if a few more longstanding projects can be completed.

Shay on Caroline (v10)  in the Rocklands, South Africa

Shay on Caroline (v10) in the Rocklands, South Africa 

Here is a little video of Damien (Shay's partner) sending The Express v10, and Shay climbing Combat Wombat. Sydney bouldering might not be as picturesque as say the Buttermilks or the Grampians, but there are a lot of classic problems well worth the time and effort. Just ask Shay! 

The Express & Combat Wombat from Sheila Binegas on Vimeo.