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Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm - One Rope - Three Certifications

One rope, three certifications.

The Swift Pro Dru 8.9mm - the worlds first rope to be certified single/half/twin

The Swift Pro Dru 8.9mm - the worlds first rope to be certified single/half/twin

Who would have thought even 10 years ago that we would be climbing on a single rope 8.9mm in diameter? Edelrid, the inventors of the Kernmantle braided climbing rope have raised the bar again.

Not only is the Edelrid Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm  the skinniest and one of the lightest single ropes in the world, it also is also the first to be certified as a single, half or twin rope. This makes for one high performance and versatile rope.

While the benefits of a light and skinny single are obvious, never before has one had the versatility to use a rope as a single and then swap to using it as a half or twin rope. This scenario would work great on long and varied climbing objectives like alpine rock routes or mountaineering on mixed rock, snow and ice routes. It would also work great on climbing trips if you occasionally like using half ropes for trad but are not needed all the time.

Here are some quick examples of when a rope that can switch between categories can be quite useful -

Alpine Rope

  • Use the Swift Pro Dry 8.9mm as a fast and light alpine rope. On glaciers or easier terrain use as a single rope but on technical ground when more gear is needed to be placed you can use in conjunction with another Swift or thinner half rope as a half rope set. The other thinner rope can be carried in a rucksack or used as a tag line when not needed by the leader.
  • Use as a set of twin ropes to simplify gear placements when the route is fairly straight forward but you need two lengths of rope to rap off. Clip each piece of gear with both ropes.

 Trad Climbing

  • Use the Swift Pro Dry as a single rope when the route follows a straight line of protection like a vertical crack.
  • If the route wanders or the rope would have to run over edges or around corners than pair it with another 8.9mm or thinner half rope and use as doubles.
Or simply use it because of its single performance -

 Sport Climbing

  • Want the lightest rope in the world with the least amount of drag to give you the edge when going for that send? You cannot blame the rope when it only weighs 52grams/m, and being 8.9mm will flow through your gear like nobody’s business giving you the best chance of making that send. ***


The dry treatment on the Swift Pro Dry is not a coating like other brands use. But instead it is impregnated into the core and sheath itself meaning that it cannot wear off. Giving you a rope that will stay cleaner for longer, maintain more strength when wet and won't freeze up over time when ice or alpine climbing.

Also features a half way marker for safe rappeling.

We strongly recommend that you use the Swift 9.8 in conjuction with an auto-locking or assisted breaking belay device like the Edelrid Mega Jul or the Petzl Gri Gri as the diameter of the rope can make breaking in conventional ATC devices difficult.


***Not suitable for top roping or working routes as this will cause excessive wear.