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The New Suunto Spartan Ultra! Prepare to be impressed!!

 We are fully stoked to be among the first people in Australia to get our hands on the new Suunto Spartan Ultra!!! The pinnacle of GPS multisport and navigational watches with colour sapphire touch screen.  


The pinnacle of GPS multisport and navigational watches with colour touch screen.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto has built its name on reliability and precision since they launched their first compass more than 75 years ago. When they release a new product, you know that it has been tested beyond what the normal user would realistically expect and not only is the hardware up to any task but the software is also stable and reliable.

So when they also release a touch screen GPS multisport and navigation watch than exceeds what is currently on the market by any company in regards to technology, you know you can trust it for any adventure no matter how far, high or rugged it might be.

 Suunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto design and expect their watches to be used by the adventurers. They expect them to be taken to the far reaches of the globe and back again. The Spartan Ultra not only gives amazing amounts of navigational options and data, but it also has over 80 sport modes all designed to help you track, improve and recover. It's customisable colour touch screen not only looks great but also lets you see all the information that is important to you for a specific activity.

Key Outdoor Features - 

  • Outdoor-grade sapphire crystal colour touch screen with 3 action pushers
  • Uses GPS and Glonass (USA and Russian) Satellite systems for maximum accuracy and battery efficiency
  • Improved battery life gives up to 65 hours with GPS system ON
  • Pre-load routes or points of interest via the fully featured topo maps on the Suunto Movescount website
  • Records where you go for back-tracking and easily save points of interest as you go
  • Bluetooth to iPhone or Android for extra features
  • Altimeter uses GPS/Glonass and barometric altimeter to give the greatest accuracy
  • Storm warning
  • Sunrise and sunset times calculated via GPS location
  • Customisable watch faces

Key Multisport Features - 

  • Suunto FusedSpeed™ for accurate pace
  • Support for over 80 sports with racing and interval modes
  • Triathlon and multisport mode (change sport on the go)
  • Running: real-time lap tables with pace and heart rate
  • Compatibility with Stryd running power
  • Cycling: real-time lap tables with heart rate, power and speed
  • Compatibility with Suunto Bike Sensor and BLE power meters
  • Pool and open water swimming: automatic intervals and heart rate (optional)
  • Training load with monthly totals and logbook for individual move summaries
  • Rest & Recovery to follow monthly race, training, recovery, active and rest days
  • Recovery time and feeling trends to follow your recovery status
  • Personal bests by sport based on distance, cycling power and altitude
  • Planning tools with training programs and training plans from coach to watch

 Suunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto Spartan Ultra 

Key Ourtdoor Features explained - 

  • GPS and Glonass satellite systems: By using both American GPS and Russian Glonass satellites simultaneously, the Traverse gives greater accuracy, locks on to satellite signals faster, and saves battery life.
  • FusedAlti Altimeter: Suunto's system of combining satellite signal from GPS/Glonass with the barometric altimeter to give the most accurate altitude gain, loss and position readings ever in a watch.
  • Plan routes on full detailed topographic maps: Via the Movescount website, you can plan entire routes, or simply mark waypoints. The program will give you a full detailed elevation gain and loss chart to help you determine the best route and it has functions to help lock onto roads or existing trails so you don’t' have to fight your GPS and tell it the 'right' way to go, it will just know. Also featured on Movescount are already established hiking tracks, ski runs, mountain bike tracks and many which are easy to download to your Spartan Ultra.
  • Navigate with confidence: Follow your progress via the breadcrumb trail. Navigate to points of interest or along established routes. Easily save points of interest with one press of a button. Backtrack your entire route or find the shortest way back to your starting point via GPS. Triple axis compass for accurate direction.
  • Easy to use functions: The touch screen has made navigating through a complex piece of technology so much simpler. No longer is it about finding the right button to do what you want. Press things, swipe through things, customise screens.
  • Built tough and reliable: Suunto have built the Traverse to be used in the world’s harshest conditions year in, year out. It is 100m water resistant and the buttons can be used under water. The touch screen is specifically designed to be used in the outdoors and the sapphire screen is as rugged as you will get.
  • Barometric storm warning: Software monitors barometric pressure and predicts weather via trends so you know when it's time to start finding shelter.
  • Time and sunrise/sunset times via location: GPS location determines time zone as well as accurate sunrise and sunset times.
  • Bluetooth to iPhone or Android: Receive call. Message and push notifications from your phone to your watch. Handy when hiking while your phone is stashed deep inside your bag. Also links to smart phones for greater navigation functions.
  • Vibration alert and small flashlight

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