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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Hikers

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Hikers

Hikers and Trekkers are a varied bunch of people and you can't pigeon hole them that's for sure. That's why when it comes to buying the perfect Christmas gift for the hiking lover in your life it can be a little tricky. The good news though is by getting absolutely anything in hiking or lightweight camping you've just reinforced their passion and have given a big "two thumbs up" to knowing their deepest desires. So you've already won. 


Below though we'll set a bit of a guide of how to narrow down what might be the best thing for them. If they're a person who likes the creature comforts or whether they like the minimalist performance style of hiking, do they sit down and plan for weeks or do they need some of the fundamental bits of kit replaced. Read on for some ideas...



Gift Cards


Now like always, we first need to mention the Mountain Equipment Gift Card! 🙌

It is a gift that's never wrong, always right and leaves your friend or partner get exactly what their heart desires. And if this is a pair of boots or something fitted, it is perhaps the much safer option as well. 

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Plan & Pack

Shop Pan & Pack Ideas HERE

For some people, the planning of the hike itself and the gear organisation can be the main (and certainly longer lasting) joy of going on adventures. From guide books and instructional books, maps to how to pack and sort out your gear. An investment in a gift like this can be one that keeps giving. 

 mountain equipment hiking gift guide



On the Trail

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Now whilst you're actually walking you don't need much, but what you do need is critically important. All of these gift ideas are used while you're on the move and don't include anything in your pack or what you set up to camp. Now boots are also in this category but if you're thinking that we'd certainly recommend a gift voucher as they're so personalised. 

 mountain equipment hiking gift guide



At Camp

Shop Camp Gift Ideas HERE

Now they've reached their destination, at least for the night. All the ideas we've put together here are all the things you pull out at the end of the day to get your meal prep happening, to set up your shelter and to get a good nights sleep. The price range here is obviously quite extensive with things like fire starters for under $20 right up to tents that are pushing nearly $1000. So there's everything from a stocking filler to the ultimate "I love you forever and merry Christmas" kind of deal.

 mountain equipment hiking gift guide



Creature Comforts

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Sometimes people have pretty much everything when it comes to hiking and trekking, so it can be hard. But you know what? You can always add a little comfort to any situation and even if your friend or partner is a diehard "less is more" fan, there's always appreciation for something that helps you relax and recover better for the next days ambition.

mountain equipment hiking gift guide



Now hopefully that gets the creative juices flowing and might spark an idea that will be the perfect gift your partner, family member or friend for Christmas. But if not, give us a call on 02 9264 588! We're always here to help 👍.