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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Trail Runners

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Trail Runners

So you've got to buy a gift for a trail runner hey...? We feel for you. Trail runners or ultra runners can be tricky people to gift to because at first thought it seems they use or carry so little compared to other hobbies, and that every thing they do carry is critical and strictly the realm of personal preference like shoes. But don't worry, with a bit of creative thinking and a touch of confidence, you'll be able to get the perfect thing that will spur them on to run that extra mile or enter that next race. 


Gift Cards

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Like always, we first have to mention gift cards. After all... the biggest consumables runners have is shoes and socks. Also clothing is a deeply personal choice and not always one you can buy for another unless you know what they're into. So if you're feeling a bit on the fence, get a Mountain Equipment gift card and never look back!


Organisation Fixation

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When it comes to either planing a run or being self sufficient on a long run, organising is key. There's a number of gift ideas that will either plant the seed to start exploring new trails or help your friend or lover be more organised on the trail so they can concentrate on the running. These type of gifts start with maps and guides to wilderness areas and then branch into ways to be organised on the trail like separating gear with dry bags, or having first aid and water filtration sorted. 

 Mountain Equipment Trail Running Gift Guide



Going The Distance

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Now if your friend or family member calls themself an "ultra runner" and considers a marathon a training run, then this category might be up your alley. Although saying that, the list of gifts here are really intended to just help anyone run that bit further than what they did before. In this list you will find ways of carrying water or gear from belts to vests. You'll find body care things like body glide. You'll find head torches for when you are out past dark and poles for the ultra (ultra) long stuff. Basically if they love running but want to go further - look no further. 

 Mountain Equipment Trail Running Gift Guide



Beat The Heat

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As of the start of December this category has been more important than ever. Running in the heat has its own challenges and its own ways of beating it. From buffs and sunglasses to high tech hydration and more. 

 Mountain Equipment Trail Running Gift Guide



Get Back On Track

Shop Recovery and Body Maintenance Gifts

Every avid runner knows that downtime between runs is for recovery - so you can run again. Included in this collection are awesome products that aid recovery or th body in someway. From the amazing Velous Recovery Slides to after sun lotion and gear repair tape. These products will get your friend of partner back on the track. 

 Mountain Equipment Trail Running Gift Guide