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Tour De Corde

 If you've never been involved in a climbing competition, or if you want to get the family involved in a Saturday sport that doesn't involve sitting out in the hot sun for 6 hours waiting for a red ball to get hit to you, then the Tour De Corde is your thing.

The Tour De Corde is a seasonal climbing competition running from the start of March through to the end of July and jumps all over Sydney's best climbing gyms. It uses top-rope for protection so everyone has access to it, and grades range right up to 28 for those looking to really improve their comp onsighting skills. There are all sorts of categories to cater for everyone. Kids of all ages have their own little comp. Adult comps range from 'rookie' - those who have been climbing less than a year. Intermediate caters for those who can onsight up to 24. And if you're feeling strong hit up the opens and see how you fair.

So far this season both Sydney Indoor at St Villawood and Climb Fit St Leonards have put in an awesome effort with route setting and catering for the for the first two events. The upcoming events include -

  • 2nd May at The Edge, Castle Hill
  • 30th May at Climb Oz, Blacktown
  • 20th June at Sydney Indoor, St Peters
  • 18th July at Hangdog Climbing Gym, Wollongong

 Entry to the events is $25 and there are a whole host of podium and lucky door prizes to be won. So you never know, if you are on your game you may be able to win enough enough to turn pro.

 For more information check out Sport Climbing Australia's website at or their Facebook page at