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Vertigo - Australia's Hardest Trad Climb

Dan Fisher - Vertigo - Australias hardest trad climb

Recently Dan Fisher put up Australia's hardest trad climb. Vertigo comes in at 32/8b+ and was originally an old aid route put up in the mid 1970's. It follows a tiny seam up an impressive boulder. Many Aussie crushers had attempted to free it and Dan had tried it over a number of seasons. Now it finally go's! 

Dan Fisher is mainly known for his bouldering prowess and freely admits he's not a trad climber. Vertigo has moves around V10 and V11 at its crux which obviously suited his technical climbing ability. Protecting it with small wires that were very fiddly to place however was something that pushed him quite hard. 



Film by Ben Sanford


Dan is Sponsored by: La SportivaEdelrid