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Video: New Zealand Alpine Team on Cholatse North Face

New Zealand Alpine Team Cholatse North Face Ascent

If you love technical alpine climbing and haven't checked out the New Zealand Alpine Team's YouTube channel you've got to do it right now! We love watching these guys and it's awesome to see that the New Zealand alpine climbing scene is as strong as ever. Even more so we are stoked that local friend Matty Scholes gets to be included. They guy is an absolute legend and although he's usually pretty reserved, if you start a chat with him he's got some awesome stories to tell. 

Last November the team, including Matty went to climb the North Face of Cholatse (6440m) in the Khumbu Valley of Nepal via the French Route (IV, 1400m, 90 degrees). Anyway the video will tell it better than I can but the north face of Cholatse is one of the most stunning faces around and it looks like they had pretty amazing, all-be-it, very cold conditions. And loving the ice hammock bivvy!

Climbing party consisted of: Steve Fortune, Matthew Scholes, Kim Ladiges and Daniel Joll.

Time on route was 3 days and 2 nights.


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