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Weigh My Rack Toured the Edelrid Factory - What makes Innovation & How Ropes are Made

Weight My Rack were given unrestricted access to Edelrid's German factory and put together a great series of videos. Some climbing companies I would regard as great refiners: They take products that already exist and continue to refine them so that they become closer and closer to perfection. Edelrid I would regard as innovators. They've produced so many products over the last 10 years that simply haven't existed before. 

This isn't to say they don't refine, their search for the perfect climbing rope is arguably the most dedicated on earth. But more than most, you can always expect Edelrid to be brainstorming something new for next season. 

Weight my rack introduce the videos well...

"They've created the lightest rope, lightest wiregate carabiner, lightest auto-locking carabiner, the first PFC-free rope dry treatment just to list a few. We interviewed a few prominent members of the Edelrid team that are all working to push the innovation at Edelrid. We asked them: What drives them to create new products and how do those products become a reality?"


This series was filmed only a couple of months before Carsten von Birckhahn passed away in July this year from a paragliding accident. Our hearts are still with his family and he is surely missed by everyone in the industry.