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What Climbing Shoes Does Luke Hansen Take to The Crag Or Gym?

What Climbing Shoes Does Luke Hansen Take to The Crag Or Gym?

Luke Hansen Climber


Out of all the items that a climber owns, the climbing shoe is the single thing that makes the biggest performance or comfort difference to your climbing. Have the right shoe and you can make the send on a really marginal crux move. Have a comfortable pair for a long day out and it can make for good times. So what does MEQ store ambassador Luke Hansen carry in his crag or gym bag and why? These days he spends most of his climbing time either training in the gym or bouldering in the Grampians. So how does his quiver of shoes reflect that? We had a quick chat with him to find out... 


Luke’s Current Shoe line up-


La Sportiva Solution Comp

  • Current go to for indoor and outdoor bouldering on steep terrain.
  • Similar to the original solution, however feels a lot softer in the toe thanks to 3.5mm Vibram XS Grip2, resulting in higher sensitivity. Fast break in period.
  • Still good stiffness for small footholds thanks to the P3 system.
  • Heel is more than thin and sensitive than the solution, which I prefer. I also find the toe hooking rubber more sensitive.

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La Sportiva Skwama

  • Go to shoe for comfort training (power endurance circuits) in a larger size, or outdoor bouldering in a smaller size.
  • S-Heel gives a really snug and sensitive fit, my favorite in the range. 
  • Slightly stiffer toe rubber, better for sharper toe hooks outdoors. 

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La Sportiva Miura Lace

  • The ultimate edging shoe!! Nice and stiff 4mm vibram XS edge.
  • My go to for hard face climbing (Diamond falls) or slightly off vertical terrain.
  • Stiff heel that takes a bit to get used to, but doesn’t slip.
  • Laces give a very snug fit, perfect for technical, small foot holds and smears. 

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Luke Hansen Climber