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Where City Meets The Stone - Lucas Corroto short climbing film featuring Mitch Tasker

Where the city meets the stone - rock climbing film

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“Where The City | Meets The Stone” is a portrait about local Sydney climber, Mitchell Tasker, and his thoughts on what it really means to be a climber.

While we immerse ourselves in Mitch’s thoughts, we get to see Sydney in a different perspective: like every city, there is traffic, people, noise and pollution but if we search a little deeper, we may find the adventure we have been looking for.

The film is perfect for the times we are in where we are constantly searching for adventures locally, and we have to keep up the motivation for local projects.

Lucas Corroto is a local Sydney climber who spends most of his days in either Nowra or the Blue Mountains. He also runs his own media business. To check out more from Lucas Corroto here are all his links: 

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Youtube - Lucas Corroto Films

Website - Corroto Media

Sydney Climbing - Mitch Taska - by Lucas Corroto