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Adventure Light Pants - Men's


I've used the Adventure Light pants for daily wear and travel.



Light fabric but not too light for winter. Deep and wide cargo pockets within easy reach, but without bulk. Predictable sizing, no need to dake up legs (I'm a medium). Quick drying, fairly tough, durable for daily use. Belt included, with low profile plastic buckle that won't trigger alarms at airports. Belt could be removed and replaced if desired, but see notes below. It is hidden in an elasticised hem, except where it emerges at the front through a slit.



The free end of the belt has a plastic cap that is too wide to fit through the belt retaining loop! I cut the cap off with sharp scissors and sealed the fabric with a flame, to prevent fraying. However, the belt loop also covers the slit in the hem (read above) and since the loop is a little tight, the belt tends to slide into the hem (but unsuccessfully) instead of emerging through the loop. This can be fixed by gently tugging on the loop to open it up a little. Doing so may release a few loose threads remaining from the sewing process, but this does not mean the stitches are coming loose.


Final Result

Despite the initial inconveniences with the belt, I have no regrets buying these trousers and recommend them for daily wear. Despite having cargo pockets, the styling is not too sporty. I think they're suited for anything but formal wear.




Got his adventure pants on.