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Beastmaker 2000

Beastmaker 2000 review

When it comes to training for hard boulder projects, my board of choice is the Beastmaker 2000.

The team at Beastmaker have been in the forefront of wooden training boards since 2007 and it is obvious why -


The Design

The design of the board is well thought out and has a good variety of hand holds including slopers, edges and pockets that is scalable to custom your workout to make exercises easier or harder.  It has adequate clearance between the upper and lower holds for comfortable hanging (especially when using the 2-finger and mono pockets).


The Friction

Wooden hang boards are great for two main reasons. Firstly the low friction on the board means your fingers are working harder which can be extra challenging during summer but does mean you're getting the most out of your training. There's also no rude shocks when you go to pull on to the rock as well (as can be the case with some high friction resin hangboards. And secondly the texture is quite forgiving on the skin. You can train more and for longer with better skin condition for the weekend's climbing.


Phone Training App

The Beastmaker App is also available to make training even easier. The pre-programmed workouts are brutal; however, sets and reps can be customised depending on your ability. Recommended for intermediate and advanced climbers.




Shay training hard on the beastmaker 2000

Sheila Alexander

Shay has been a sponsored climber for the store for a number of years now. Bouldering is her thing and she loves pulling hard on tiny holds. When not hitting the Sydney boulders, she's trying not to scratch her new mountain bike on the Sydney mountain bike tracks. Oh yeah, and she squeezes in managing the Mountain Equipment Sydney store on the side...