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Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm Climbing Rope

Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm climbing rope review

I remember six months into lead climbing finding myself on a climb that had me thinking how much of a sandbag the guide book’s suggestion of an “exciting grade 18” was. Below me was 4m of smeary technical climbing before the it kicked back overhead for 6m. the only thing between me and the anchors now was a nervous hand traverse on warn slopers up the vertical head wall to the anchors. With the last draw well below my feet, I finally reached the last move of the climb, a big thrust towards the top. As I threw myself upwards and gripped the top I quickly clipped the bolts, well aware of the runout before calling ‘take’. As I was slowly lowered below the overhang though, I could hear the slow but course grind of my new rope on its lip. 

 We all have the best intentions when buying our first rope, regular washing, using rope protectors and rope bags, extending top ropes and draws but for many climbers in their early years, including me, those good intentions slowly seem to disappear until more experience is gained (especially when you’re wigging out well about your last quickdraw on a climb). Thankfully I had found a rope on the cheaper end of the spectrum with a high wear resistance, the Edelrid Parrot (formerly the Taipan). At only $250 the Parrot is one of the cheapest quality ropes on the market. With initial suppleness matching that of high end brands, the rope is easy to tie and has a soft feel to it. 

Having had multiple ropes from multiple brands over my time climbing, I can talk to the durability of the Edelrid Parrot as my first one has out lasted some of the more expensive ropes I have owned. The sheath is highly abrasion resistant which is a distinct benefit when you’re moving between sharp blue mountains ironstone and coarse Sydney sandstone. The rope is also constructed from the high quality leftover threads from Edelrid’s production of other ropes, making it a good option for those who value the more environmentally friendly practices of gear manufacturers or for those who like ropes with a unique pattern or colour. 

Edelrid Parrot climbing rope unique colours

While the rope isn’t ultra-light or have the suppleness and handling on par with the more expensive Edlerid or Sterling models, it is a great workhorse. Great for the bulk of your early climbing while you learn better rope management, for experienced climbers as a gym rope or for working sport routes at the crags, or just for climbers wanting a reliable rope and save a bit of coin at the same time. For this reason the Edelrid Parrot is still my ‘go to’ rope for the day out cragging.


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Review By Dan Butler