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Evolution Velocity 9.8 mm x 60 m



I've used the 9.8 Evolution Velocity for all kinds of rock climbing - sport, traditional, aid, and indoors.

This rope is hugely popular among climbers of all sorts and seems to have come to represent the “standard” or more boringly the “usual” rope to buy. But I think there’s great reasons for this and from the outset I’d say that if you don’t know what rope to get – just get this one. I’ve owned two in the past and I’ll be buying more in the future.

It's supple and handles smoothly through whatever device I'm using. It's a great all-rounder, relatively lightweight but still robust and suitable across a range of climbing styles. The durable sheath weathers repeated falls and rough Blueys sandstone well.

It's more water resistant and tougher when wet than other ropes, thanks to the Drycore treatment.


Final Result

A fantastic, easy handling rope for general use sport climbing, direct traditional routes and training indoors.



When Nina was 18, she caught the last bus from Lyon - but it was going in the wrong direction, and she ended up in Vennesieux, a spooky end-of-the-line suburb at midnight. Somehow, she survived, and now she drinks tea, blogs about her adventures, and works on improving her slacklining and crocheting skills.