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Expeditor UL 7 Sleeping Mat Outdoor Gear Review - By Tom

Exped UL 7 Sleeping mat outdoor gear review - by Tom

Growing up using a foam roller and self-inflatable mats I once thought that an uncomfortable rocky nights sleep was just a part of camping and expeditions, and an ache in my hip the next day was just the way it was. That was until I was recommended an Exped inflatable mat by a mate. For anyone that sleeps on their side, an inflatable mat is a must for your climbing gear. Not having your hip digging into the ground all night is an absolute gamechanger and is only made better by how compact and lightweight it is.




  • INFLATION SYSTEM – Each mat comes with a separate lightweight pump bag that catches air that you push into the mat, and with separate inflate and deflate valves there’s no risk of spilled or wasted air while pumping it up and it pumps up super fast.
  • COMPACT – On expedition, a lot of pack space is dedicated to your sleeping gear, but that stress of packing compact is helpfully relieved with the EXPED UL Synmat. Being able to deflate it and roll up to such a compact size is the satisfaction I needed after years of using self-inflating mats that take way too much effort to deflate only to still take up such a huge chunk of your pack.
  • WEIGHT – At 595 Grams, the weight is barely felt in the pack. Despite being ultralight (UL), the mat is still rated at -6 degrees and is plenty warm for those colder nights.





  • DURABILITY – While this mat is great for many different situations, if you are reckless with your gear, you may end up puncturing it, which is an unfortunate risk when it comes to inflatable air mattresses. But if you take care of your gear, your gear will take care of you, and if you happen to accidentally puncture it, each mat comes with a small repair kit.



As I said, for anyone sleeping on their side, the Exped inflatable mat is a must. The level of comfort and convenience all in one is fantastic, and the Exped range is the ideal choice for those looking for comfort, convenience, and lightweight choices for their night in the outdoors.


By: Tom Hetherington-Welch