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Icicle Jacket 2


I've mainly used this jacket for cross country skiing, alpine hiking, winter cragging



  • It is seriously warm, packed with high loft down in box wall baffles - no cold spots.
  • The down stays lofted, even in light rain or condensation thanks to the tough, waterproof fabric. 
  • Double zipper keeps me cosy when belaying.
  • The removable hood helps reduce bulk and weight when it counts and looks like a sweet space helmet if you decide to wear it on its own (recommended).
  • Australian-owned company.



Because the Icicle is a 'unisex' jacket and the cut is quite straight there is no women’s specific model.  Women can definitely fit into the unisex model but often have to go up a size to fit their hips. 


Final Result

An ideal down jacket for winter adventures and cold weather cragging and making people with inferior jackets jealous.




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