Julbo Explorer Cameleon

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I've used the Julbo Cameleons for mountaineering, ice climbing, downhill and cross country skiing. 



  • Shape of lens fits well to face, covers all light entry points
  • Bendable arms lock glasses behind ears securely
  • Cameleon Lens adjusts in amazingly from low light cloudy or twilight to ultra bright conditions. The tint of the lens also brings out much more definition in the snow than the naked eye so I tend to leave mine on as long as possible into the afternoon/evening.



  • The out of the box strap is an awkward length; I threw mine out and just use the bendable arms to hold the sunnies on.


Final Result

Have a look through climbing magazines and most mountaineers will be wearing Julbo Explorers, and for good reason. They are light, super comfortable, and effective. When goggles tend to fog up during heavy activity these seem to stay clear, and when the clouds roll in the cameleon lens lightens up to let you see clearly. If you’re looking for an ice-climbing /mountaineering /ski sunglass, try these and the Montebianco or Monterossa for best fit. 




Optically optimized


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