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La Sportiva Miura Lace


If you can only have one pair of shoes for the Blueys then these are it! The Miura handle and perform very well on anything from slab to up to 45 degree overhangs. 



I have used Miuras on hard multi-pitch routes, easy trad multi pitch, cracks, alpine rock climbing, hard and easy sport climbing. They will perform best on facey routes, like Shipley upper, lower, porters pass, and other popular face climbing venues in the blueys.



They take a long time to stretch and will stretch between a third and half of a size - whether or not that's a con is up to you to decide!


Final Result

Easily my favourite outdoor rock climbing shoe!



Jack is here, he is there, he is everywhere! And although it has taken a number of years and some extended time in the New Zealand Alps, he has successfully transformed himself from Bondi hipster to mountains hardman.