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La Sportiva Python


The La Sportiva Python is a technical shoe for climbers looking for more sensitivity and performance in a soft, slipper-like shoe. 



They are super supple and very soft, much the same as their predecessor, the Cobra. The Pythons perform incredibly in a gym, I was very impressed by how sticky the rubber is after using them once while bouldering in the gym. 



Not really a con, but a word of advice - they stretch up to a size and are very soft so I recommend fitting them as tight as you possibly can, they will stretch even after the first use.


Final Result

The Pythons are ideal for training in a gym or for crushing those long term boulder projects outside. The Pythons are my shoe of choice for the gym. 



Shay is the Manager at Mountain Equipment  Sydney. She likes small rocks, throwing herself in the deep end, and believes in giving everything a go. When not out climbing or training, she's out riding or running the trails, trying very hard not to crash into trees and/or the ground.