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La Sportiva Spantik 2


I first bought my La Sportiva Spantiks in 2010.  At the time, I was heading to a 6,800m+ mountain in the Himalaya and I wanted a boot with greater warmth than my alpine boots, but with more flexibility than my 8,000m La Sportiva Olympus Mons (high altitude) boots.  I was going to be climbing rock, snow and ice and the steepness of the terrain was ever changing.   Mountain Equipment recommended the Spantiks to me, and I’ve been really happy with their suitability on different terrain, and the level of warmth – warmer than most other double boots, I suspect.  I have worn them to quite high altitudes including to Camp 3 on Mt Everest.  In super cold temperatures and for most terrain over 7,000m, I do switch over to the Mons (more because I’m not so good in the cold!).  Although, I did wear my Spantiks to Antarctica and in the coldest temperatures (down to -25 degree celcius) I had my overboots for added warmth, when needed.  I also like the Spantiks lacing system as I can tighten and loosen the boot without removing my thick gloves or down mittens.  They do fit my foot slightly differently to the Olympus Mons.  I purchased one size up in the Spantiks as I found they were more snug around my instep than the Mons.  Its now 2014, and my Spantiks are still in good shape!


Chris Burke

Just like Russel Crow and Crowded house, Chris was born in NZ but Australians have long since forgotten that and now claim her as their own.She has reached the summit of 5 x 8,000m peaks in 1 year and 12 days including K2 and Gasherbrum's I and II so she knows a little about what she's talking about. Chris is also the first Australian or NZ woman to reach the summit of Lhotse (4th highest) and Makalu (5th highest).