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Matrix Light Ice Axe

The Matrix Light Ice Axe is another fine ice climbing tool from Grivel. I've used it for ice climbing at Blue Lake, and general mountaineering in New Zealand.



Great ice tool for all mountain use. Very light weight (515 grams). Plunges well in hard snow due to the slender, straight handle. A hot forged reverse curve pick concentrates the weight in the tools head for penetrating harder mountain ice and mixed routes. The hammer variant makes a great second (technical tool) to complement a walking axe. Can be fitted with "The Horn" for pinky protection and steeper routes.



  • Just touching them makes you want to move to the real mountains!
  • Harder water ice and mixed routes would require a more curved technical tool.
  • They are very light which means if you are buying a tool that you are only going to waterfall ice climb with and not mountaineer or alpine climb you’re probably better off with something that has a heavier head or attach some weights to these.


Final Result

Lovely to handle, fun to climb with!



Boyd worked at Mountain Equipment Sydney