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Mont Moondance EX

Mont Moondance EX Review

The Moondance EX is the big brother of our most popular hiking tent, the Moondance 2. We use this tent mainly for car camping, where packed size is important,  but shared between two people it is easy to fit in the backpacks as well for a hike with a little luxury.


When compared to the standard Moondance, for the extra 650 grams of weight you get:

  • A REALLY spacious 2-person tent with ample head room to sit up
  • Easy to pitch and have extra handy features such as a vent in the fly
  • More storage pockets, gear loft and small carabiner to hang a light.


The most impressive feature is the 10,000mm floor which you don't see too much on lightweight tents. We have camped in very wet weather with the tent sitting in a pool of water (without a footprint) and the floor inside has completely stayed dry.


The only downside is the low clearance at the entry, makes it a little tricky for taller people to get in and out of the tent. Overall, we have been very happy with the tent and have teamed it up with a Mont Batwing 5 tarp for a sweet camp set up. 



 Mont Moondance EX review


Sheila Alexander

While Shay usually enjoys pebble wrestling around Sydney, Canberra and the Grampians, She also digs jumping on the mountain bikes. While mountain biking only uses up less than 10% of her recreational time, it probably uses more than 90% of her recreational budget :P