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Reactor Stove 1.7L


I've used the Reactor stove for multi-day trekking and backcountry ski/snowboarding trips.



A brilliant expedition stove that stands out from the pack in a cold environment when the weather gods turn nasty. The stove boils water faster than any other stove I have seen and works well as a snow melter in winter. Great when you just want to boil water and pour it into a bag of backcountry food. You get to eat out of the pack so there is no washing up to speak of. The stoves design limits heat loss and works extremely well in a windy environment. It has a solid construction and has a bit of bling when the stove heats up and the letters MSR appear.



Hard to reduce the heat to a simmer, so don't try and cook backcountry scrambled eggs without burning some on the bottom, which will take a week of soaking, steel wool and elbow grease to fix. 


Final Result

Apart from your magnificent hiking skills or climbing chops, you'll have food faster than anyone else at the end of the day which will just give everyone else more reason to envy you and your outdoor savvy.



Head Chef de Camp